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Split Systems, Multi Split Systems, VRV, Ventilation, Refrgeration Systems and more.
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AIRFICIENCY: Specialist in Supply and Installation of DX Systems, VRV Systems, Chilled Water Systems and Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind by ensuring you that we meet the unique challenges of your home or building air conditioning requirements with the highest level of integrity and service delivery.

Our team of highly trained and experienced experts will help you with all your HVAC requirements.  From design and supply, to installation and ongoing maintenance, Airficiency will take care of all of it!

Our mission is to provide our clients with the latest HVAC solutions available on the market with exceptional service delivery, and to do this with maximum productivity and minimum wasted time, effort, and expense.

Our capabilities as HVAC installers and suppliers

Reasons to do business with us

Airficiency: remote controlled air conditioning


Who doesn’t want an easy and frictionless experience?  If that’s something you’re looking for, then you have come to the right place.

Airficiency: air conditioning customer service

Customer Service

Still on the fence about us? Doing business with us is going to be that much easier after you meet our friendly, knowledgeable staff, that are quick to respond to your needs.

Airficiency: air conditioning trusted contractor


With the help of our expertise, you can focus on your core business. We provide upfront pricing, detailed estimates and the knowledge to ensure that your system is installed correctly the first time.

Airficiency: air conditioning consistent quality service


It’s easy to be a one-hit-wonder.  We know the real value is being able to deliver a quality service every time, so we make that our mission.

Airficiency: air conditioning reputable contractor


We are well known in the industry for quality workmanship, service delivery and reliability.

Airficiency: air conditioning affordable contractor


Having built long sustainable relationships with key suppliers allows us to bring you a wide range of affordable air conditioning products and solutions to meet your budget and HVAC requirements.

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Established record of accomplishment and excellent service

We take immense pride in our projects and work which is why we plan and calculate every step to make sure we deliver on time and with precision.