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We offer a wide range of residential and commercial air conditioning products, including window units, console units, midwall split units, underceiling split units, hideaway split units, package units, VRV equipment and chilled water units.  Our products are offered across all leading brands.

Midwall Split Units

Split type air conditioning units are extremely popular in the residential and commercial markets. One of the many benefits of these systems is that they offer easy installation and stylish appearance, adding value to your home or premises. There is a separate indoor unit and outdoor unit (condenser).  The outdoor unit is installed on the outside wall. These systems come in various models and sizes with different functions and features which you can choose from.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Stylish and quiet
  • Individual climate control
  • Air quality improvement
  • Easy maintenance and servicing
  • Wide range of unit choices and functions
  • Inverter technology that offers you a reduction in your energy costs.

Ceiling Cassette Units

Airficiency air conditioning ceiling cassette units

Heat up and cool down your home or office more conveniently with a ceiling mounted, space saving cassette air conditioning unit.  These systems are ideal where space is limited. The ceiling cassette unit fits firmly and neatly into your ceiling. This type of air conditioning system is a discreet and compact alternative to traditional split type and ducted air conditioning systems. The outdoor unit can be mounted approximately 50m away from the indoor unit, ensuring a quiet operation.

  • Ceiling mounted, no wall unit required
  • Compact design and hidden well
  • Ceiling fan air distribution
  • Provides both cooling and heating options

VRV Systems

Airficiency air conditioning VRV systems

Variable Refrigerant Volume systems are high end systems. Like multi-split air conditioners, they have a single outdoor unit and can be connected to up to 64 indoor units. This system is perfect for large homes and offices.  The longer pipe runs allow for the condensing unit to be positioned further away, hiding it from sight. These systems also allow for multiple styles of indoor units, allowing you to choose the unit’s design and functionality for each room. In addition to this, VRV systems allow for simultaneous heating and cooling in different rooms.

  • Up to 64 indoor units connected to one outside condenser unit
  • Energy-efficient
  • Multiple styles of indoor units
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling options in various rooms

Multi-Split Systems

Airficiency air conditioning milti-split systems

This is smart system technology.  With just a single outdoor unit, you can connect to five indoor units. Not only can multiple indoor units be connected, but one can even have a variety of indoor unit types. For example, you could have a wall mount in your living room and ducted types in the other rooms. This is a highly versatile and cost-effective system which runs with just one condensing unit. These systems are limited to a certain amount of output capacity.

  • Each operates independently
  • Easy to install
  • Choose individual style and performance
  • Heating and cooling

Ventilation: Fresh Air Supply

Airficiency air conditioning ventilation fresh air supply

Where natural fresh air is not achievable, mechanical fresh air supply is the only answer. When an area is being air-conditioned, mechanical fresh air supply is needed to comply with regulations.
Fresh air can be supplied by an independent fresh air system that intakes air via a weather louver on the outside of a building or introduces it via the air conditioning system. It depends on the AC application installed. Introducing enough oxygen and reducing the CO2 levels inside office areas are key for a better workspace and higher efficiency levels. Another key benefit of this system is that it pressurizes a building and increases indoor air quality by diluting polluted or stale air.  Adding a fresh air inlet to most systems is typically a simple and relatively inexpensive solution.

  • Pressurizes the building
  • Increases indoor air quality
  • Simple and relatively inexpensive to install

VENTILATION: Extract Air Systems

Airficiency air conditioning extract air systemsventilation

Lavatory, office canteen, or ablution ventilation systems are compulsory if natural ventilation cannot reach the required air flow.  Air is extracted by an independent air system which exaracts the air via a louver on the outside of a building. These types of systems are vital to ensure a clean, fresh and healthy air space which is vital for office, commercial and industrial areas.  It is key to select the correct fan application with the required fan duty to ensure that a working system can be installed.  Our in-house engineering team can assist in calculating and finding the right solution for you.

  • Increases indoor air quality
  • Simple and relatively inexpensive to install

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